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Portable Generator

Whether it’s camping, tailgating or an emergency situation, don’t get caught relying solely on gasoline or electric powered generators for your electronic and small appliance needs. This solar portable generator has the capability to power multiple devices, from smartphones to …

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Hybrid Lantern and Charger

When the power goes down, light and charging capability becomes doubly important. The Hydracell hybrid lantern and charger contains a lithium power bank and solar cells in addition to two hydracells for increased power capabilities and extended use. HydraCell hydracellpower.com

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Water Storage Containers

Clean water is critical in any disaster, and the Aqua-Pak containers by Reliance Products offer easy-to-use storage and transport in a heavy-duty product. They’re stackable when they’re empty, and they include a hideaway spigot and screw-on vent. They are made …

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All-Natural Repellant

Keep snakes, rodents, ants, and roaches out of living areas with this all-natural, pesticide-free product. Utilizing essential oils and other repurposed materials, this repellant is safe to use around children and pets, is moisture-resistant and lasts up to 12 months. …

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Latex-Free Gloves

Disaster cleanup can expose workers to a number of contaminants and slippery items. That’s why wearing gloves with solid barrier protection and slip-resistance, like the Aurelia® Ignite, is important. Ignite gloves are .7mil in thickness and are made of 100-percent …

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Asbestos Test Kit

Asbestos can be present in many homes, especially older ones, and before significant repairs or remodeling are done, homeowners should be aware of possible contamination. This easy-to-use at-home kit allows users to test for contaminants to determine if more costly …

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Gel Cabinet Grain Filler

Use less paint and save time when refinishing cabinets with Aqua Coat’s White Cabinet Grain Filler. This gel product smooths out the grain of wood cabinets, leaving a surface that requires fewer coats of paint. It’s environmentally friendly and low-VOC, …

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Mosquito Repelling Soap

lye soap

Grandma’s Don’t Bug Me Bar is a natural alternative to DEET-based insect repellents. The bars are made with a blend of essential oils and contain no chemicals that will irritate skin. The lather dries clear and won’t stain clothes. The …

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