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Medium Himalayan Salt Lamp

With a rosewood base and hand-hewn texture, the Medium Himalayan Salt lamp lends a nice touch to almost any decor. The warm glow, which can be adjusted via dimmer switch, gives a cozy ambience to the room, and some people …

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Lightweight Spackling


Onetime® Lightweight Spackling from Red Devil contains ingredients that allow it to be painted in minutes with no shrinking or cracking and provide a smooth finish. The all-in-one kit features the premium Onetime® Lightweight Spackling, and its lid contains the …

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Pinpoint Propane Torch


The Mini Dragon™ torch is designed for use with 14 ounce or 1 pound propane containers and is intended for small jobs around the home and garden. The pinpoint flame can be used for spot weeding in areas where chemicals …

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Fast-Setting Concrete Mix


Sakrete’s Fast Setting Concrete Mix is a preblended fast-setting mixture of cementitious materials, sand and coarse aggregate. It provides fast setting to allow for same-day use. The mix provides high strength 4,000 PSI and sets in less than an hour. …

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Masking Tape


Stucco Tape is a moisture-resistant, polyethylene-backed tape with a rubber-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive that bonds well to most surfaces. The tape is designed to offer a high degree of conformability without excessive stretch. It can be used in many construction jobs …

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Heavy-Duty Coupler


Lumax’s Heavy-Duty Extended Quick-Release Coupler’s design enables hands-free greasing. The LX-1403-XL has a working pressure of 15,000 PSI and burst pressure of 22,000 PSI. The product is 5 inches in length with a height of 1.2 inches, allowing it to …

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Telescoping Pool Pole


The JED Pool Tools Professional Tele-pole has a handle designed to remain comfortable in professional use by pool cleaning pros and features a newly designed cam. It comes in two sizes, an 8-foot pole that can extend to 16 feet …

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Construction Screws


Power Pro ONE® Screws are designed to be used on multiple materials, allowing for ease of use across applications. Types of screws the ONE Screws can replace include wood, sheet metal and masonry screws. These screws are available with a …

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