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Vintage Style LED

Vintage-look, modern efficiency is the name of the game with the Vintage Style LED line from GE Lighting. With bulbs in either clear glass or “warm candlelight,” these lights show-off classic incandescent filament designs, including amber spiral, in a dimmable, …

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Pottery Collection

Plants are not only pleasing to look at, but they can help filter interior air and lift moods, especially when placed in decorative pots. The Talavera Garden Collection of pottery from Pueblo Home and Garden come in a variety of …

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Rope Hammock

Comfort and coziness isn’t just warm blankets and hot chocolate; wile away the sultry summer evenings in these hammocks from The Hammock Source. These hammocks are hand-woven and made to withstand many nights (and days) of enjoyment without suffering the …

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Steam Cleaner

Many consumers are interested in chemical-free ways to clean their homes, and the Angry Mama offers a chemical-free way to lift and remove built-up food residue in the microwave. Fill the Angry Mama with water, place in the microwave oven, …

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Eco-Friendly Wood Sealer


Seal-Once® Nano Guard™ Premium Wood Sealer is an eco-friendly product used for wood decking and siding. It penetrates wood surfaces to protect against water damage, using nanopolymers to coat the wood fibers from the inside out. The sealer forms a …

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Medium Himalayan Salt Lamp

With a rosewood base and hand-hewn texture, the Medium Himalayan Salt lamp lends a nice touch to almost any decor. The warm glow, which can be adjusted via dimmer switch, gives a cozy ambience to the room, and some people …

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Lightweight Spackling


Onetime® Lightweight Spackling from Red Devil contains ingredients that allow it to be painted in minutes with no shrinking or cracking and provide a smooth finish. The all-in-one kit features the premium Onetime® Lightweight Spackling, and its lid contains the …

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Pinpoint Propane Torch


The Mini Dragon™ torch is designed for use with 14 ounce or 1 pound propane containers and is intended for small jobs around the home and garden. The pinpoint flame can be used for spot weeding in areas where chemicals …

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