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New POS Virus Detected

The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team, a division of the Department of Homeland Security, issued a warning to retailers about a new POS malware hack that has been detected. Dubbed “Backoff,” the family of malware exploits has been found in …

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Lowe’s Acknowledges Third Party Data Breach

According to an article by eSecurity Planet, Lowe’s recently began notifying an undisclosed number of current and former employees that their personal information may have been disclosed when a third-party vendor mistakenly backed up Lowe’s employee data to an unsecured server. …

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National Retail Federation Testifies on Importance of Protecting Consumer Data

The National Retail Federation recently told a congressional panel that the retail industry is committed to safeguarding and protecting consumer data and information from highly motivated and sophisticated cybercriminals and hackers. “Retailers make significant investments every year in order to protect [consumer] …

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Nuts and Bolts of Recent Retail Breaches

Retail data breach and identity theft concerns have heightened since the December 2013 announcement Target was attacked by hackers and bank card information for more than 100 million of its customers were stolen—this followed by the recent announcement that retailer …

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Data Breach! Don’t Become the Next Target

Odds are, you will or maybe already have been a victim. You may not even know it. As more retailers utilize technologically advanced retail systems, both online and in store, customers are growing more and more at risk for having …

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Retailer Data Breach Trend Not Likely To End Soon

The recent data breaches at three major retail chains—Target, Neiman-Marcus and Michael’s—have compromised sensitive data from more 100 million customers and are, according to experts, the beginning of a trend that isn’t likely to fade any time soon. In all …

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Help Employees Keep an Eye on Shoplifters

Although most customers are honest, unfortunately, there may be a time you suspect someone of trying to shoplift from your store. One of the best ways to keep potential thieves at bay is to make sure your employees are aware …

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Federal Investigators Send Report to Retailers Detailing Target Data Breach


The holiday data breach at Target appeared to be part of a broad and highly sophisticated international hacking campaign against multiple retailers, according to a report prepared by federal and private investigators that was sent to financial-services companies and retailers. …

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