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Grilling With a Twist: Try an Infrared Side Burner

Infrared grilling technology has become a social media celebrity. We’ve all seen a video of a giant tomahawk steak getting a full-surface sear over a scorching burner. We are excited to see what other unique uses people will find for …

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3 Trends From Chicago

It’s a wrap for the first Independent Home improvement Show, which ran alongside the 2019 Independent Garden Center Show (IGC) in Chicago last month. In addition to well-known keynote speakers and a convention center filled with vendors, attendees had access …

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Is Copper Cookware Worth It?

Copper cookware has been around for a long time, but it’s made a fashionable return to the spotlight in 2019, touted by French chefs and Williams-Sonoma stores. Although popularity and recognition are important to sales, it’s also important for retailers …

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Stock Tanks: Not Just for Livestock Anymore

Manufacturers as well as retailers have long sought multiple uses for single product lines in an effort to boost sales. Multi-use tools also appeal to customers who often drive inventive options with their creativity and economy. In a recent issue …

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Award-Winning Tools

With an eye on holiday sales, retailers may want to check out these award-winning tools and accessories. They were the Best in Class winners at the 2019 National Hardware Show® and would make great additions to inventory lists. First Place: …

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Enzymes: A Game Changer for Bathrooms and Kitchens Everywhere

Enzymes seem to be everywhere these days: food, cleaning products… oh, and they’re also in our bodies. What are enzymes? Tiny organic proteins creating biological reactions. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to break down fats. Over the years, scientists …

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Change Ordinances, Grow Categories

The growing interest in urban and hobby farming can lead to growing categories for home improvement retailers as a wider variety of animals appeals to homeowners. According to Hobby Farms, the animals that are best suited for urban farming include …

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Kicking Shoe Odor to the Curb

We all have them—those horrid, sweaty, stinky shoes. We shove them in athletic bags, hide them in closets or just plain throw them out. With men owning an average of 12 pairs of shoes and women owning an average of …

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