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Taiwan Hardware Show to Highlight Country’s Manufacturing

Taiwan Hardware Show to Highlight Country’s Manufacturing

Taiwan Hardware Show

The Taiwan Hardware Show is schedule for Oct. 17-19 in Taichung, Taiwan.

The 17th annual Taiwan Hardware Show will be hosting hardware buyers from around the world and is expanding its programs for attendees from other countries.

The event, which is scheduled for Oct. 17-19 in Taichung, Taiwan, will feature 450 exhibitors in eight primary product areas and is designed to encourage product exports to other countries.

The product categories being showcased are tools and accessories, locks and fittings, fasteners and fittings, building supplies, garden and outdoor equipment, automotive supplies and accessories, plant equipment and machinery and safety equipment and products.

In 2017, the buying event drew more than 30,000 attendees. The 2018 Taiwan Hardware Show is expected to be larger, attracting increased international participation due to growing demand for the high-quality manufacturing done in the country.

The event offers opportunities for buyers and manufacturers to interact and develop international partnerships annually.

The trade show is Taiwan’s largest industry gathering. It provides buyers with access to thousands of products, including new inventions and innovative, internationally award-winning items.

Attendees will have opportunities to learn about the Taiwan hardware market, meet with representatives from Taiwanese manufacturers and visit factories.

For more information, visit hardwareshow.com.tw or email ths@kaigo.com.tw.

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