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The Pet Dental Care Category Expands

Today, pet owners take better care of their fur babies than ever before, as indicated by growing trends in pet medical insurance and concierge care, as well as in the consistent growth of pet supply sales. Not surprisingly, one common concern among owners is in the overall health of their pets, leading to advances in medical and dental care.

Untreated dental diseases can cause serious problems for dogs and cats, even leading to kidney and heart issues. Fortunately, cat and dog dental problems can be prevented with regular brushing. For pets who won’t tolerate toothbrushes, there are many other options, including treats, chews, toys, rinses and wipes.

One of the latest product innovations in pet dental care is the Bristly Brushing Stick. The rubber dental chew toy works in conjunction with toothpaste that is added to a reservoir, where it is slowly released along the teeth and gums as the dog chews. The Bristly Brushing Stick comes in three sizes for small, medium and large dogs and works with any toothpaste.    

Tooth and gum wipes are another veterinarian-approved product for cat and dog dental care. The small cloth wipes are used daily to swipe away plaque, tartar and bacteria from pets’ mouths. One natural option (free from alcohol and parabens) comes from Earthbath® Natural Pet Care and is safe even for puppies and kittens.

The first signs of dental problems are bad breath and plaque or tartar buildup that causes brown discoloration on the teeth. With intervention, like the chew stick or wipes, early problems can be reversed, ensuring a healthier life for your customers’ pets.   

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