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The Power of Pressure

Surface preparation is an essential first step in any paint or stain project because the finish will only be as stable as the surface beneath it. The power of a pressure washer can help. Pressure washers offer an efficient and timesaving way to remove paint, stain, dirt, mold and mildew from wood, metal, concrete and other exterior surfaces, clearing the way for a fresh coat of paint or stain.

STIHL® offers a full line of pressure washers and accessories for home and professional use. According to the company, a pressure washer with a 2,000 psi to 4,000 psi range and a 15-degree nozzle is best for removing peeling paint. They recommend keeping the wand moving at all times so as not to damage the surface and, on wood, to move the nozzle with the grain in a sweeping motion. Using a pressure washer prior to staining a deck or fence also helps to open wood pores, allowing for a deeper penetration of the new stain or finish. Pressure-Pro® is another company that offers a full line of hot-water and cold-water pressure washers, along with an inventory of replacement parts and accessories.

In addition to being helpful tools in the paint and stain process, pressure washers can also be an essential tool in retailers’ rental departments. According to a 2018 article in Hardware Retailing magazine, “Hardware retailers are expanding their rental departments and finding success. Heavy-duty equipment for lawn and gardens can be expensive (and space-consuming) for a single family to maintain, while individuals working on projects might not want or need power tools on a regular basis.” Pressure washers easily fit this description.

By stocking pressure washers, retailers can help customers—pro and DIYers alike—reap the benefits of long-lasting finishes, shortened prep times and, in the rental department, the convenience of expanded options.

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