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The Swiss Army Knife of Household Stink

Imagine a world where you could eliminate the amount of products around the house—less clutter under sinks, in cupboards, or even in the black hole you call the garage. For many consumers, that seemed like a dream world—until recently. Companies began creating products with multi-use functionality at the core. With consumers looking to cut costs, reduce waste and choose sustainable products, multi-functionality has been at the forefront of the household products industry. Consumers across demographics are trending toward buying higher-end products they believe fit this mold (Source).

Odor-eliminating products seem to be one of the biggest clutter culprits, with companies focusing on area of the home as it relates to smell. Kitchen deodorizers, bathroom deodorizer, closet deodorizers—the list is endless! Finding a single product to fight all the various house smells has seemed to be the ultimate battle. Poo~Pourri Original Citrus has been combatting bathroom odors for more than a decade, but its stink-fighting powers go far beyond the bathroom! A few spritzes down the disposal gets rid of pesky food smells, or spray a couple more in the trash can (or baby pail) to trap those odious odors! Declutter all the sprays that claim to trap smells and switch to Poo~Pourri, the natural option that provides sniffer relief in every room of the house.

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Hans Cummings
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