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Top 10 Reasons to Become an NRHA Member

What do you want out of your operation this year? More inventory turns? Higher margins? Better-trained employees? Now that the hustle of the holiday season is finally slowing down you can take a step back, take a deep breath and refocus on what you really want to achieve this year.

That’s where your association can help. Each year we develop more and more tools to help retailers achieve their goals of becoming better, more profitable merchants and hopefully make their lives a little easier along the way.

To remind you of a few of the most popular NRHA tools, check out the following article, but don’t forget to stop by our booth at your upcoming distributor markets. We’re at nearly every major market ready to answer any questions you might have.

1. New Basic Training Course in Hardware Retailing

For more than 50 years, NRHA has been the leader in providing product knowledge training to independent retailers. In early 2014, NRHA will be releasing an updated version of the Basic Training Course in Hardware Retailing. This online training program will continue to feature the most valuable product knowledge information for the eight most common hardlines departments, as well as helpful tips for encouraging add-on sales and answering customers’ most frequently asked questions. It will also be more interactive, with audio narration and short quizzes known as Knowledge Checks. Courses have also been broken down into individual category modules—allowing students to spend a few minutes learning a section, rather than a few hours.

2. The Cost of Doing Business Study

The industry’s most trusted annual benchmarking tool, the Cost of Doing Business study, offers retailers a comprehensive look at the industry’s financial averages. Members have exclusive access to the entire study via the Members Only portion of www.nrha.org, as well as an online Cost of Doing Business calculator, which allows retailers to compare their financial information to national averages.

3. Discounted Tuition for the Retail Management Certification Program

Membership also plays a beneficial role in students applying for NRHA’s Retail Management Certification Program. This college-level management and leadership course developed in conjunction with Butler University is designed to cultivate a retailer’s key employees and position those employees to become leaders in their organizations. For more information on joining the next class, visit www.nrha.org/rmcp.

4. NRHA Health Insurance Program

NRHA now offers an affordable group health insurance program to help members save money without sacrificing benefits. Find out more about what the program offers by contacting Bob Chiesa at 888-201-7408 or cbigi@msn.com.

5. Project PRO

Teaching employees how to sell customers entire projects, rather than just a product or two, is one of the easiest ways for an independent retailer to increase transaction sizes and customer service. Project PRO guides members through 16 of the most common d-i-y projects. Each module shows store associates how to complete the project with PlanItDIY project videos, examines upselling and add-on sales techniques and discusses the financial benefits project sales can make average stores.

6. Our Three Pennies of Profit

Members also have free online access to one of NRHA’s most popular and longest running training tools, Our Three Pennies of Profit. The 15-minute training video communicates the fundamental elements of profit and loss to employees, and is a great resource for new hires and veteran employees alike.

7. How-To Project Brochures

NRHA members are able to arm their customers with project knowledge as well with How-To Project Brochures. These 71 how-to manuals include step-by-step instructions and a tools and materials checklist. Members can link these brochures to their websites or print them out to share with customers on the salesfloor.

8. Human Resources Tools

Sharpen your policies, procedures and hiring processes with NRHA’s Human Resources Tools, available only to members. NRHA’s Human Resource Handbook provides retailers with key concepts and templates for developing everything from applications to incentive programs. Additionally, members have free access to the Forte Interpersonal Study, a self-assessment tool that helps identify an employee’s traits and communication styles.

9. Loss Prevention Training Series

Building safe, secure and profitable stores is an ongoing challenge for retailers. NRHA members are able to arm themselves with helpful tips and tricks for identifying and combating security and safety issues with NRHA’s Loss Prevention Training Series. It is broken into three parts—Internal Theft Prevention, External Theft Prevention and Store Safety.

10. Invest in YOUR Association

Last but certainly not least, membership dues allow NRHA to develop new training programs, conduct industry research and create services specifically designed to support independent retailing.

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Jaime Koch
Jaime Koch was the managing editor of Hardware Retailing Magazine. Jaime regularly traveled around the country and internationally to visit with retailers and share their stories. Jaime was honored by the American Society of Business Publishers for Editorial Excellence.

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