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Top Trends in Landscaping and Gardening

As the spring season is upon us and warmer weather is inching closer and closer, your customers are eager to get outside and enjoy their outdoor living space in a variety of ways.

While planting flower gardens and getting the grill ready to be fired up on a regular basis are a few tasks many homeowners tackle during the spring season, there are some growing trends in landscaping and gardening you should be aware of.

According to the 2016 Houzz Landscaping & Garden Trends Study, your customers will be approaching the outdoor living space with several goals in mind this year. Many will be eager to overhaul or remake their entire yard space, irrigation and compositing are gaining a stronger presence and even lighting will make a big impact. Check out these trends below and be sure to read the Houzz study yourself to discover all of the areas outside your customers are eager to improve and enjoy this spring and summer.

An Outdoor Landscaping Makeover

One of the broadest aspects the Houzz Study discusses is the fact that more consumers are tackling large scale projects in their outdoor living spaces. While the backyard is the primary focus of many of these projects, the front and side yards are also prime targets for outdoor upgrades. In fact, nine in 10 reported substantial renovations or complete overhauls of their landscaping. With 53 percent reporting a substantial renovation, 35 percent are taking on a complete overhaul of the yard and only 12 percent are tackling minor updates.

Make sure your lawn and garden department is stocked and ready to meet your customers needs. Ensure your employees are trained and knowledgeable in the category and know the products customers will need to create the outdoor oasis of their dreams.

Green Friendly Projects

More homeowners than ever are investing in eco-friendly projects that save money and help the environment at the same time. According to the study, new irrigation and a strong emphasis on composting have gained a significant increase in the 2015-16 outdoor projects (40 percent and 26 percent, respectively) compared to the 2014-15 projects (29 percent and 19 percent, respectively).

Additionally, rainwater harvesting, solar panels and greywater projects are also on consumers radar for outdoor projects. To show that your business cares and has the knowledge and products one might need for a eco-friendly yard, consider having a knowledgeable employee or inviting a local expert to come in and host an event or several different events focusing on different areas affecting green practices outside.

For example, consider hosting a compost garden tutorial where you provide the tools a customer needs to create their own compost garden and promote any other items they’ll need to complete the project at hand.

Light the Way

Another element of the outdoor living space you won’t want to neglect is lighting. Also treading into the realm of a more eco-friendly space, several consumers will be seeking out LED lighting specifically, with the West holding an edge on LED outside.

The reasons your customers want to incorporate lighting in their outdoor space is varied. From adding to the decor to create an ambiance, creating a relaxing and enjoyable space, bringing added security and preventing falls or trips to scaring off those looking to break-in to the home are just a few reasons customers are embracing more lighting options outside.

Work your lighting options into your lawn and garden department when possible to help cross-merchandise this important aspect of the yard and to help your customers visualize all of the ways lighting can help add to their outdoor living space.

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