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Use Training to Improve 4 Aspects of Your Business

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Employee training is essential to any business, and it doesn’t always need to be time-consuming. As a way to kick-start or supplement your employee training efforts, the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) offers quick downloadable video and PDF resources on various topics related to selling skills, operations, merchandising and product knowledge in its Trainers Toolbox series. Below are some of the most popular lessons you can use this summer to give your staff a knowledge boost. Access these and more than 50 other lessons here.


These lessons cover many ways to improve the look of your store.

  • Maintain Your Merchandising. Use this infographic to review some simple ways employees can maintain effective merchandising.
  • Effective Cross-Merchandising. This worksheet can help employees understand cross-merchandising and why it’s so important.


Selling Skills

Lessons in this category teach employees what they can do to increase transaction sizes.

  • Tips for Add-On Selling. This infographic gives your employees some pointers for encouraging add-on sales.
  • Closing the Sale. With this video, employees learn how to overcome objections customers might have about purchasing an item.

Product Knowledge

These lessons teach employees about different products and how to share knowledge with customers.

  • Tips for Selling a 4-Step Lawn Care Program. This video reviews product knowledge your employees need to know when selling a four-step lawn care program.
  • Tips for Selling an Exterior Paint Project. This video reviews information that can help employees assist customers preparing for an exterior painting project.


This category covers a variety of topics like loss prevention, human resources and business financials.

  • Making Your Store Safer, a Loss Prevention Checklist. This lesson allows employees to review the ways they can help make the store less attractive to shoplifters.
  • Team Communication Exercise. Use this simple activity to help your employees improve their communication skills.

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