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Pay Attention to These Trends in Remodeling

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry has identified five trends in home remodeling this year. Those trends are:

Universal Design

Homeowners are making modifications to their houses so they can live at home as they age. These home updates are intended to accommodate long-term health and lifestyle needs.

Kitchen and Bath Updates

Many homeowners are looking to upgrade their kitchens and bathrooms. In both of these home spaces, consumers are focusing on storage solutions.

Larger Showers

Changing or adding showers is on trend. Many homeowners are removing traditional bathtubs and opting for larger showers, open and walk-in showers and tub-to-shower conversions.

Energy Savings

Energy savings continue to be important to consumers. They are using more LED lights and energy-efficient, low-maintenance products to make their homes more efficient overall.


People are also integrating more high-end and luxury products into their homes. Customers want their homes to look high end.

House Remodeling Graphic

Applied to Retail: Communicate with the contractors in your area about the remodeling trends you’re observing and the trends they are seeing. Interacting more with the contractors will strengthen your relationships with them and also give you a sense of what products may sell well in your store for remodeling projects.

Build relationships with a variety of contractors who have different specialties and you will stay up to date on trending products, as well as know who to refer customers to if they’re wanting to hire help for a remodel.

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