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True Value Readies Paint Facility to Produce Hand Sanitizer

True Value Co. is converting parts of its Cary, Illinois, paint manufacturing facility to produce hand sanitizer amid the COVID-19 pandemic COVID-19 pandemic.

True Value owns one of the largest paint manufacturing facilities in the country, producing millions of gallons of True Value Easy Care paint each year. After registering with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the company will produce hand sanitizer alongside other essential  products like hand soap, degreasing cleanser and all-purpose cleaners with and without bleach.

The first several thousand gallons will be donated to True Value hardware stores across the country for use by its employees to help them fight COVID-19 while serving customers. The product is scheduled to be shipped to stores in early to mid-April.

“In state after state, hardware stores have been declared ‘essential’ and permitted to stay open,” says John Hartmann, president and CEO of True Value Company. “From hand sanitizer to tools and home maintenance products to farm and ranch items, local hardware stores play a critical role in keeping homes and communities up and running. During these unprecedented times, we’re proud to do our part to help make a difference and get the much-coveted hand sanitizer onto True Value store shelves as quickly as we can.”

True Value is one of the world’s leading hardlines wholesalers with more than 4,500 independent hardware retail stores in the United States and internationally.

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