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Urban Multi-Tool

Urban Multi-Tool

The Kelvin.36 has 36 tools, functions and features built into one compact design. The Kelvin.36 is made of strong aluminum, allowing it to stand up to wear and tear for years. It comes in a premium metal gift box, which is great for storage of the tool or other bits and pieces. The Kelvin.36 features a snap-action screwdriver that opens with the push of a button. It also has two locks at 90-degree angles for extra torque. It has a powerful alloy magnet to hold loose screws and nails along the driver.

The Kelvin.36 has a lot of screwdriver options, so you don’t need to dig through the toolbox to make quick fix. I think they also make great gifts.

—Nathaniel Garber, Garber Hardware

You can find more information on the Kelvin Tools website.

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