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Use Endcaps for Summertime Promotions

Attract customers’ attention and capture a few extra dollars by putting your endcaps to good use this summer. Good merchandising strategy means regularly rotating the products you feature on endcaps. While you’re at it, consider using that space to highlight the items your customers are sure to need when the sun is blazing. Read on for promotions that are easy to showcase in a small space like an endcap.

Patriotic Focus

With Independence Day right around the corner, plan an endcap that provides the items your customers need to celebrate. Include flags, flag poles and brackets so customers can easily find the items they need.

Fun in the Sun

Your customers are probably coming in to grab last-minute items for the barbecue or trip to the beach. Help them prepare by stocking an endcap with sunscreen and bug spray. Include small coolers on the bottom shelf and consider adding a clip strip with fun sunglasses for the kids!

Show Them a Sign

Because endcaps sometimes combine products that aren’t obviously related, signage is key. Remember to top the endcap with clear signage so customers understand the theme right away and are encouraged to stock up. Be sure to include pricing, too, whether it’s promoting a discount or highlighting the final price.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to make the most of your space, read other resources on endcaps and merchandising. Click here for more information on building first-class endcaps, and check out this story to learn more about cross-merchandising to increase add-on sales.

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