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Use New Products to Promote Seasonal Project Sales

As you look for new products to introduce in your store this fall and winter season, look for products that can be project starters. Promote the latest and greatest product innovations, and customers may be inspired to try them out. So check your product assortments to be sure you can provide everything customers need for the job. Also check your employees’ knowledge to be sure they can walk a customer through all of the project add-ons and steps needed to successfully work through the task at hand. Here are a few examples to get you started:

Someone shopping for caulk may indicate a need to do some weatherproofing around the home. See what they’re up to and offer these products:

Project Prompter: Sealant
Add-on Sales: Caulk gun, caulk backer rod, sponge, utility knife, expanding foam, weatherstripping

Did that flashy new garage door opener catch someone’s eye? Ask if they’re installing one for the first time, and if they have everything they need to complete their project.

Project Prompter: Garage door opener
Add-on Sales: Stepladder, pencil, measuring tape, drill/drill bits, hammer, screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, pliers, 2×4 boards, 1×6 mounting board


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