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Calico Brands, Inc.

Company Description:

Calico Brands, Inc., is a family of recognizable lighter brand names including SCRIPTO® and CALICO®. Calico Brands is your One Stop Lighter Solution™ for all your brand name and private label Multi-Purpose and Pocket Lighter needs. As a recognized market leader, Calico Brands offers innovative multi-purpose lighters with a variety of features such as a torch wind resistant flame, flexible nozzle and a refillable, folding mechanism. The multi-purpose lighters are perfect for lighting grills, campfires, fireplaces, candles and more. An essential lighting accessory for all lighting needs!

Visit us at www.calicobrands.com

We believe that the relationship between independent home improvement retailers and Calico Brands benefits both by creating a uniquely better assortment of products for the consumer to choose from providing quality, variety and value.



Phone Number:


We do have specific contacts for home improvement retailers.

Home improvement distributors where our products can be found:

True Value, Ace, Orgill

Product Categories:

BBQ/Multi-Purpose Utility Lighters (normal/standard flame, wind resistant, flexible, extra long, folding, dual flame) and disposable pocket lighters.

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