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Howard Products, Inc.

Company Description:

Preserving the original wood finish while restoring an antique can mean preserving the authenticity and value of an “original”.  Conversely, stripping the existing wood finish can mean making it less antique, and can literally translate into stripping the value of the piece. The problem that remains: how can you eliminate blemishes in wood finishes and restore the original color and luster without removing any of the existing finish?
In 1969, Douglas G. Howard set out to solve this dilemma. Unable to find an answer at his local hardware store, he went to work in his garage to create his own product. His goal was to make a product that would be much more than a surface treatment, yet nothing like a stripper or a refinisher. The key was to develop a formula that could restore the surface, penetrate the finish with stain, and evaporate before the finish was removable. The end result was Restor-A-Finish, Howard’s first in an entire line of wood care products.

We have drop ship Countertop Display Assortments as well as Metal Rack Assortments. We offer free shipping on orders of $100 or more.



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Canada Only – Martin & Associates
Tel: 514-697-3000
Fax: 514-697-4116

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Product Categories:

Wood Care
Furniture Care
Cleaning Products
Leather Care
Butcher Block Care
Restoration Products
Floor Wax

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