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K-Co Products, LLC

Company Description:

At K-Co Products, everything we manufacture is made in USA and assembled by disabled veterans. We are dedicated to providing jobs for our veterans and quality products to retailers and consumers. K-CO Products, LLC manufactures quality products competing in high penetration, high volume categories.  Current products include the Little Big Shot super nozzle, the Johnny Jolter Professional Power Plunger, and Master-FLO Pro-series watering accessories.

• Little Big Shot super nozzle: Precision crafted from solid brass, the Little Big Shot Super Nozzle is the most effective, water-efficient nozzle available. Fits any standard hose, fully adjustable, and will not leak. It has become a top-selling hose nozzle in North America.

• Johnny Jolter Professional Power Plunger: The most effective toilet plunger available today, using water, not air, to clear toilets with just one push. One Push, No Mess, Toilet Clear!

• Master-FLO Pro-Series Watering accessories: Centered around on a new patent-pending vacuum based shut-off valve. We offer both standard and quick-connect styles, packaged individually and in combination with our award-winning Little Big Shot nozzle.

We see the ultimate consumer of our products as an extension of our retailer partners. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing quality products, value and customer service to our independent hardware and home improvement retailers throughout North America. We share the common goal of providing quality products they can be proud to sell and which rise to the very top of category performers. Our products generate incremental gross profit for our retail partners.



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Special contacts for home improvement retailers:

Ace- Greg Linko and Jayme Wunar
Do It Best- Gary Loosle
Orgill- Laramy Cooper

Home improvement distributors where our products can be found:

Do It Best

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Lawn and Garden