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Oneida Air Systems

Company Description:

We’re the Team that Passionately Creates the World’s Best Dust Collection Products!

Founded in 1993, Oneida Air Systems remains committed to the design and US manufacture of award-winning, industrial grade dust collection systems and components. We are dedicated to creating innovative designs for a safe, healthy, and practical workplace environment. We serve clients ranging from individuals to large manufacturing enterprises around the globe with the common goal of maintaining workplace health and safety via mitigation of dust generated from processes used to make useful products. Recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in small wood shop hygiene and dust collection, we are known for producing the highest quality industrial grade dust collection systems in the world.

Oneida Air Systems believes that independent home improvement retailers provide the service and expertise necessary to assist homeowners and DIY’ers in reaching their project goals. Contact us at distribution@oneida-air.com to learn about in-store POP display options for our products!

Oneida Air’s Dust Deputy(R) and Viper Scraper(R) products are a great fit for DIY’ers and homeowners who would like to eliminate the time and hassle associated with the clean up of dust and debris from their many projects. The Dust Deputy pre-separates and captures over 99% of dust and debris before it reaches the wet/dry vacuum’s filter, significantly reducing the chance of clogged filters, suction loss, and the need to empty a heavy, cumbersome vacuum canister. It captures dust and debris within its own easy-empty bucket, significantly extending the life of the vacuum’s filter and saving consumers countless time and money on expensive filter replacements. The Viper Scraper captures scraped debris right at the source, using the vacuum’s suction to draw the debris through its hollow handle and contain it neatly and safely inside the vacuum.



Phone Number:


Contact for home improvement retailers:

Dan Knapp (distribution@oneida-air.com)

Home improvement distributors where our products are found:

ACE Hardware Warehouse, Do It Best Warehouse, and Orgill.

Product Categories:

Dust collection tools
Paint Scrapers

Links to project/product knowledge resources:

Learn more about our Dust Deputy and Viper Scraper here: bit.ly/dustHCM