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Wrap-On Company

Company Description:

The Wrap-On® Company has been manufacturing electric Pipe Heating Cables, Roof and Gutter Cables and a variety of other winterization products for more than 50 years. Wrap-On originally started as Poultry Equipment Engineers Inc. by Thomas C Russell, located in Chicago on Superior Street.  During that time, the company manufactured chicken coop warmers. In 1972, our company name changed to Wrap-On Company which began by manufacturing soil warming cables, which then expanded into Pipe Heating cables and Roof and Gutter cables. In the years since, we have continually improved and updated our products to meet the changing needs of the consumer.

We value working with independent home improvement retailers as we find their commitment/focus on customers is excellent, they are more flexible in business communication, and also may specialize in features and benefits not obtainable through big box retailers that assist with customer use of our products.



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Pipe Heating Cables
Roof and Gutter Cables
Odor Eliminator