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Victory Gardens for the New Era

This year homeowners and DIYers have experienced a wide range of public issues that have shaken consumer confidence and have changed consumer buying habits. Due in part to the concerns from the coronavirus pandemic, consumers have become aware in times of crisis the supply chain can be significantly disrupted, and panic-buying and supply shortages can make even the most basic products unavailable. Concerns about food insecurity have spurred consumer spending in other areas, mainly in home gardens, as people look to the Victory Gardens of yesteryear and adapt those concepts to today’s world.

While the gardening trend has been on the upswing for a number of years, as more people have wanted to get back-to-the-land or reduce their carbon-footprint in some way, the current push to grow one’s own food has gained a much wider following, and for many different reasons, ranging from having a ready supply of fresh foods, to having an outlet for relieving stress or getting exercise. According to a story from NBC News, sales of gardening supplies and plants have seen well over a 50 percent increase, mainly because of the pandemic. 

And the trend is not only for those who have a backyard to grow things; window and balcony gardens have also gained popularity, as containers can appeal to personal aesthetic as well as practicality. 

Retailers that carry plants and gardening supplies have not only off-set some of their losses in other areas through this uptick in interest but can also provide additional products related to gardening—preserving the harvest. As harvest times near, consumers may be interested in products for canning and freezing, including items like mason jars such as those from Ball or pressure canners like Presto’s 16-Quart Pressure Canner, so that the fruits of their labor won’t go to waste.    

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