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Walmart to Eliminate Hundreds of Corporate Jobs

Walmart is cutting hundreds of corporate positions as it merges its online and store businesses in the U.S., reports CNBC.

The big-box retail chain has not disclosed how many corporate positions will be affected by the cuts, but the eliminated jobs are from the company’s store planning, logistics and real estate departments, according to the article.

“We are continuing on our journey to create an omnichannel organization within our Walmart U.S. business and we’re making some additional changes this week,” a Walmart spokesperson says to CNBC.

CNBC notes the job cuts come as Walmart attempts to increase profits for its e-commerce offerings. In February, the company merged its buyer teams on the store and online areas “to decrease conflicts over the pricing of products online and in stores,” according to the article.

In May, Walmart announced it would discontinue its Jet.com brand.

E-commerce represents an increasingly important retail category for the company. In the first quarter, Walmart’s e-commerce sales rose by more than 70 percent.

Recently, the company has hired more than 400,000 people for its stores and fulfillment centers to keep up with online orders as many people stay at home and shift to use e-commerce more often during COVID-19.

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