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Water Efficiency in the Home

Recently, efficiency standards for bathroom fixtures have been in the news. What that means for the EPA’s WaterSense label, the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 1992 and the state of manufacturing for these products is unclear. What is clear is that low-flow fixtures offer homeowners savings and sustainability many seek for remodeling projects and new builds, especially in areas of water shortages. Here are just a few products retailers can offer to help consumers cut costs and waste:

Variable flow toilets and shower heads. Dual-flush toilets are common in many places around the world and have been for a long time. They allow the consumer to control the amount of water used based on need. Kohler offers this technology in a side-mount trip lever on several of their popular toilets. Many manufacturers, including Kohler, also offer low-flow shower heads with pressure boosting technology and variable flow settings, putting the control over water waste in the hands of the user.   

Constant water pressure systems. With this system, when water demand increases, the pump speed increases and when the water demand decreases the pump speed decreases, maintaining consistent pressure in the most efficient way. The pump only runs to meet demand.  

Recirculating hot water systems. Common in hotels, this plumbing system moves hot water intermittently to fixtures, cutting down on water wasted while waiting for it to get hot. These systems conserve water, save time and limit energy waste needed at municipalities to treat and pump waste water. 

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