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What Can’t You Do with a Mason Jar?

Mason jars, whether filled with lemonade or sparklers, can hold their own with hot dogs or apple pie at any summer picnic, and if you think they’ve reached their maximum usage, just take a look at Pinterest. You’ll be inundated with all the ways the glass jars can come in handy.

If you haven’t already, you may want to pull your box of Mason jars from the small canning section in your store and give their merchandising a refresh. Canning jars can be included in homewares displays as vases, candle holders, drinking cups, food storage, food prep, or utensil holders, or included in lighting displays as potential light shades for fairy lights or unique pendant or landscape lighting. Canning jars are also a great addition to tailgating supplies, backyard displays and wedding and party decorations, or as plastic-free alternatives for pet food storage and bathroom storage. In the lawn and garden center, they can be used for terrariums, birdfeeders or seed starters, or as containers for indoor herbs. Some outdoor enthusiasts also use them for fishing lure storage or as waterproof containers for supplies. DIYers often use them to store nails and screws.

A related DIY storage solution that’s regaining popularity is the Mason jar shelf. Seen in many tool sheds or sewing rooms since the 1980s, the shelf with Mason jar lids screwed to the bottom for a simple and visual storage solution that is easily accessible can now be found in bathrooms, kitchens and offices.

With all of these merchandising options, encouraging your customers to stock up on canning jars should be easier than ever before. Their uses are endless and especially enjoyed by Millennials. For more inspiration, check out these articles from Country Living, Wellness Mama and Handy Home Tips.

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