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What’s Trending in Plumbing Product Design

While the meat of a plumbing category centers on what goes in walls and under cabinets, the stars of the category are the pieces people see and use every day. Here’s a look at what is trending in plumbing products in 2021.

Finishes. Brushed nickel has emerged as a front-runner in fixture finishes, ahead of oil-rubbed bronze. The National Kitchen and Bath Association’s (NKBA) 2021 Design Trends report found black matte is another popular finish this year.

Sinks. Pedestal sinks are nearly obsolete; the 2021 NKBA Design Trends report found only 3 percent of homeowners want a pedestal sink. The most popular sink finishes are stainless steel and porcelain, with white as the top color choice for vanities.

Smart Technology. Water conservation monitors, temperature controls for faucets and other smart technology are hot products in bathrooms and kitchens. Smart toilets and bidets that flush automatically and have heated seats are also gaining popularity.

Tubs. Homeowners are opting for standalone tubs rather than built-in tubs to save space and make a design statement. The most popular color for tubs is still white, but bold colors like yellow and turquoise are making their way into bathrooms.

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