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Wrap-Up: Dustin Kaehr’s Retail Is… Series

Throughout 2017, retail consultant Dustin Kaehr has shared his insights into the cornerstones of running a successful retail operation. He’s drawn from his 17 years of experience working with all types of retailers, including small independent businesses as well as national chains to deliver expert advice on the ways independent retailers can stand out, capture their customers’ attention and boost sales.

Take a moment to review his lessons in the four installments of “Retail Is…” Visit his website to get the latest updates and analysis from Kaehr.

Retail Is… Personnel

Kaehr shares his thoughts on assembling the best team to help your operation excel.

Retail Is… Technology

Learn the ways technology can streamline your operation and satisfy your customers.

Retail Is… Merchandising

Kaehr gives tips on how to best position your inventory to catch customers’ eyes.

Retail Is… Store Design

Thoughtfully planning your store can engage customers and boost sales, Kaehr advises.


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