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Young Voices: A Q&A With Gen Z

Understanding your entire customer base is an important aspect of a successful business. As Gen Z amasses more buying power, it is important to understand the psychology behind their purchases. Hardware Retailing spoke with two members of Gen Z, Brandon Packer, an associate at Miller’s Hardware in Spokane, Washington, and Gerry Newenhof, an associate at City Lumber in Astoria, Oregon, to gain insight into what attracts them to a company.

 Hardware Retailing: What draws you to a store?

Brandon Packer: Evidence that care is being put into the place. Seeing that people are putting effort into a business, whether it be their food, customer service, product selection or cool monthly sales, makes me want to shop there more often than not. Also, word of mouth seems to be some of the best advertising; I find myself telling people to go to stores where I’ve had excellent customer service. I believe that building employee-customer relationships is key.

Gerry Newenhof: For me, and I think a lot of Gen Zers, a couple different things draw me to a store. Advertising is important, and not just online. Having pamphlets or coupons available at local schools or young hangout spots can be impactful. Additionally, a good looking storefront that showcases the products you sell is important, even better if the store has a funny or memorable name. Lastly, a nice, modern-looking website that is informational and displays what products a business sells or services it offers makes me more likely to visit a store because it allows me to know if they have what I need.

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