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How to Implement Leadership Skills Today

In order to take your business to new heights, you need to have leaders in all levels of your operation. From owners, managers and buyers to cashiers and part-time employees, every individual has the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and impact the success of the business overall.



Managing Crisis

Great leaders rise up in times like these. They elevate because leadership excellence in times of crisis is very much the same as it is in normal times.

The Value of Communication

In this three-part series, we highlight the lessons retailers have learned from leadership development and management programs inside and outside the industry.

Conveying Leadership

Great independent home improvement leaders break the mold. They inspire teams with motivational pep talks, individually mentor employees or stay behind the scenes to ensure a business stays profitable.

Pass-Along Leadership

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, you can always continue learning from other retailers who have built their lives in the industry.

Inside Out Leadership

Jackie Sacks of Round Top Mercantile in Round Top, Texas, shows how retailers can sharpen their leadership skills within their businesses and in their communities.

Leadership Development

Whether you’ve led your staff for years, are a first-time manager or are training up-and-coming leaders, there is always an opportunity to improve leadership skills.



Disrupting Assumptions

Hancock Lumber president and CEO Kevin Hancock discusses the social and economic benefits of creating an employee-centric company.

Everything DiSC

Learn how participants can receive personalized insights that deepen their understanding of themselves and others, and how those insights can help make their workplace interactions more enjoyable and effective.

Leading Diverse Teams

Gina Schaefer walks attendees through the many ways her operation has addressed diversity, equity and inclusion by tracking the data and then taking steps to give employees from all backgrounds a voice and place in her company.

Stress Tips for Teams

In this webinar, we discuss resources you can use to anticipate and address potential stress early and improve overall communication during challenging times.



Foundations of Leadership

NHPA offers courses of industry-specific training for effective communication, problem-solving, team building and developing financial management skills to help managers understand key concepts of leadership and personal development.

Retail Management Certification Program

Learn new skills to manage and drive your business to higher levels of performance and gain skills needed to innovate and lead positive change.


NHPA offers business owners the opportunity to connect with other independent retailers across wholesale affiliations. At these events, retailer attendees discuss best practices and common struggles.

Team Training

NHPA offers a variety of programs, assessments and webinars to build or enhance the people side of your business. Utilizing these resources can help your team improve communication, reduce conflict and increase overall productivity.

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